Our team:

The sick of tapestry has different colors. The precise combination of the latitude and the longitude makes the world full of magnificent beauty.
Individual single spark can start a prairie fire to build team.
Good team can cast a personal glittering.
Our team is an elite team that can fight at any time. Our team is also a home to cultivate maxima.
Our mission is to build platform for employees sharing the leap beauty together with Raycome.

Now Raycome invites the elite to join our team. Please see the positions as follows:

Job title: International sales representatives

1. Bachelor degree or above, majoring in medical, international trade, marketing or related majors graduates.
2. At least being proficient in one foreign language, knowing more than two kinds of languages is better; be able to communicate with foreign businessman constantly and could speak foreign language as daily working language.
3. Skillfully use computer and varies of daily office software, especially PPT.
4. No requirement on work experience, the sales department evaluates performance mainly in results oriented.
5. Being honest, hardworking and having a strong self-motivated and team work spirit.
6. No lack of kindness, loyalty, politeness, wisdom, integrity

Achieving opportunities as follows:

1. Join in the development and construction of department and company, great development space is supplied by company.
2. The sales representatives have chance to attend global exhibition after probation.
3. Have chance to promote to be regional charge, regional manager or branch manager according to personal performance, development potential and company development state.
Company name:|5710.com|葡京网站网址Shenzhen Raycome Health Technology Co., Ltd
Work place: |F, 51 Building, No.5 Qiong Yu Road, Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China 518057
05709.com +86 0755 26633589

Salaries and benefits:

Every employee who joined Raycome is a star in our team. We value every employee's ability, work enthusiasm and efforts. Also we provide employees with a comprehensive salary and benefits:

• Basic salary
• Performance bonus
• R & D project award and award for sales commission
• Public Housing Fund
• Comprehensive insurance system
• Discount sales program of our products for staff
• Holidays costs and birthday gifts
• Activities and travel from time to time.

We will review and update the remuneration scheme regularly to motivate and pay back their contribution to Raycome!